Increasing Profitability
Through Market Knowledge

Pipeline Integration

Establishing Shipper Status

The ability to establish shipper space on various pipelines is a complicated and time-consuming process.  Nova Energy has helped clients streamline their applications by providing consultative services in making sure that all the requirements are met before submitting their applications.


Once shipper status is established, Nova Energy helps clients manage both the complicated process of creating and managing nominations (whether to nominate or not based on market conditions) and the ability to schedule allocations once they are awarded.

Pipeline Arbitrage

The ability to sell allocated line space is quite an art form.  The ability to work with fuel traders and brokers requires an astute knowledge of the market conditions that affect the line space values.  At Nova Energy, our team works daily with these traders and has established relationships that help ensure that our clients are getting a fair market value for their line space.

Buy/Sell Process

The selling of line space is a unique process. Nova Energy has the expertise to generate Buy/Sell agreements with a large number of suppliers and ensures that all of the pertinent information needed to complete this time-sensitive transaction are in place.