Increasing Profitability
Through Market Knowledge

Customized Solutions

Nova Energy utilizes all of our experience and relationships to develop and implement custom solutions to meet each individual client’s specific need.  We astutely determine which combination of services will generate the highest yield of profitability for our  clients.  By hand picking from our array of services our goal is to implement a solution that seamlessly integrates with our clients’ current processes.  Our ability to add revenue without increasing cost is a major reason our clients choose to hire Nova Energy.

Our Service Menu:

  • Inventory Purchasing
  • Negotiating Throughput Agreements
  • Pipeline Arbitrage
  • Future & Option Trading
  • Fixed Priced Structures
  • Market Information & Research
  • Nova Energy Enterprise Technology (NEET)
  • Establishing Shipper Status
  • Inventory/Hedging Reconciling