Increasing Profitability
Through Market Knowledge

Inventory Services


At Nova Energy, we believe that the most critical component of your profitability is the ability to buy at the right time and from the right source. We leverage our 20+ years of refined products marketing and trading experience to increase your purchasing effectiveness. We buy barrels on your behalf at the pipeline origin, in line or in tank.

Leveraging our relationships with Trading Partners

Scheduling & Shipping

Many of our clients ask us to help them schedule and ship their inventory purchases to their desired destinations. We use third party scheduling systems, such as Transport 4 and have them shipped via multiple pipelines. Once your barrels have arrived at your designated terminal facility, Nova Energy will manage your inventory for price risk as it moves through your supply chain.

Negotiating Terminal Throughputs and Contractual Obligations

Nova Energy has years of experience in negotiating with 3rd party terminal operators. Our knowledge of the market price for these services helps us negotiate the best value for our clients increasing their profitability.