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IMPORTANT! NEVER UPGRADE THE NOVA THEME. Updated WordPress or plugins is fine (but may, in rare instances, cause issues)

UserID it tied to menu (see Appearance -> Menus -> Menu1) Menu item has validation field that contains UserID (e.g. get_userdata(get_current_user_id())->user_login == ‘USERID’;) that validation code is setup to allow only that user to see that menu item. Only one menu will work with this theme.

[learn_more caption=”TrackVia setup”]
Create view in TrackVia and pull out of the url:
reportid=3000384585 (this will change each view)
datasetid=3000103601 (this will be the same for all views)

Paste those numbers into
in the following URL

https: //

You will need one URL for each view. These URL will be used in the following command in the Google Spreadsheet:

=ImportData(“https: //″)

Note: if you cut and paste the https statement above, there are extra spaces before and after the // the need to be deleted. This is to prevent them form turning into hotlinks. Take them out when you use them

[learn_more caption=”Google Setup”]
Account in Password is N0vaEnergy! Link is

Here is the key trick to this whole thing. The following command goes in the upper left cell of where the data will show up (typically A1). One the command is entered correctly, you will probably see the work “working…” the top of the screen, and then, almost magically, the data will appear.

=ImportData(“https: //″)

After data is imported, insert row above date and put in new column headings (TrackVia sends junk). Hide the TrackVia row and the Customer column (right click).
Select all the cells, top to bottom, of the columns with data right click and protect. Do all of them because number of rows is going to change based on contracts that are out.
Add column for Anticipate Buy Price
Add column and formulas for Gain
Add column and formulas for Anticipated Delivery Cost

Click blue Share button upper left, share with proper ID. Be sure and check to the checkbox at the end to decide if you want to sent newly approved user an email. That Google share URL will be used in the WordPress doc to display spreadsheet

[learn_more caption=”Wordpress page setup”]
Once you have URL for Google spreadsheet go to appropriate page for customer and put the URL in the src= of the iframe

[learn_more caption=”current settings for spreadsheets”]

Current UserID ReportIDs Google share
cary 3000384585
pmg 3000386791
suncoast 3000386793
potter 3000386792
keystops 3000386796
west 3000386797
lincoln 3000386798